Thursday, December 9, 2010

A shrimp.. BURGER?

That's right people, you didn't read that wrong.. I had a shrimp burger. And it was oh so good. Two of my close friends vowed to have breakfast a few times a month this semester, as all three of our schedules were far too incompatible to do any other meal of the day. This past Tuesday, we went to L.A. Bistro in Dearborn, MI. 
I had gone to school in Dearborn for two years and always drove by this place and somehow never managed to check it out (regretting it as I type). As much as I wanted to go to the non-profit Panera just a block away, we decided to go to this little cafe. I looked over the menu and the Shrimp Burger really stuck out to me.

It was not at all what I imagined.. I don't know what I imagined, to be honest. I guess I was expecting whole shrimp between buns and some lettuce.. Boy was I wrong.. and thankfully so! The shrimp in this burger was "pattied" with other spices I really couldn't make out.. but I repeat, it was good. My meal came with a choice of salad and side of either rice or potatoes. I went for a Caesar salad and of course the potatoes and guess what my total was... $7.50! That's right, all that deliciousness on my plate for only $7.50.

Anyway, definitely check this place out of you're in the area. It's great for a casual lunch or dinner.

location: Dearborn, MI


  1. The chicken caesar salad is also delicious at LA Bistro. It's a great place to have a cheap, yet fancy lunch.