Thursday, December 9, 2010

Five Guys Burger

This one is for the people who DO NOT scarf down an enormous burger daily, and then drink a Large Dixie cup full of freshly salted fries.  I walked into Five Guys in Orlando and instead of doing the usual lady survey with my peripheral vision, my nose led my eyes straight to the grill. It smelled so good I think I sprinted to the line but it was like four feet so well say speed walk for all intents and purposes. I got to the cashier and she simply said "Hi! what would you like?" I thought to myself, no introduction, no formal eye greeting, what the bloody hell kind of fast food is this (glancing down at boxes stacked like Lego's, of raw peanuts!?). She took a look at my usual blank ordering face and pointed at the menu, "What kind of burger do you want to make?" I go careful with burgers, I dont enjoy the soggy oil soaked, cheese and ketchup garbage Americans inhale, I like them simple. They grilled fresh BEEF here and fresh-er buns(i love good buns). I chose a few toppings, no cheese oh and Cajun fries. While i was standing in line, I got a chance to survey the 758903849202 articles about Five Guys posted up, "damn this burger better be good". That being said, I would like to introduce you to my creation wrapped in aluminum foil goodness; Double Burger with  jalapenos, tomato, grilled onions, barbeque sauce and Hell Yea, Bacon.  One last thing, ALWAYS get Cajun fries or else your day will suck. To be honest, This place is a carnivorous equivalent to Krispy Kreme and I've had a better burger but this one was  F#$%!&@ amazing for the short 8 minutes of waiting (yea i timed it, What?!?).

Downsides: NO BEER. How do you respectfully serve fresh shelled peanuts and NOT serve beer? Fail.


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