Thursday, November 11, 2010


(123rd Street Roll, Thai Treat )
So on my trip back up 95 towards Orlando, my friend Veronica and i decided our Saturday night festivities made us extremely hungry Sunday. We hit the exit and were now driving down 123rd St in North Miami we look at the street sign and see Thai Treat, looking over at the place itself we read the overhead sign that read, Kosher-Indian-Thai-Sushi. Veronica pumped the brakes and turned right in. She was mixed with Thai and Indian and me, well I’m just Indian. Bottom line our Asian instincts guided us to our meal…We entered, not expecting much from a small restaurant located in a so-so strip mall but suddenly we were taken aback. It was decorated very tastefully (pun intended). Then lo and behold, our eyes fall on the sushi bar:) I ordered the Thai chicken wings and the 123rd St Roll. Veronica ordered Shrimp Tempura roll and lamb kabobs. The waitress brought the sushi out on their own personal wooden trays and they looked phenomenal, which was the reason for the picture. It was like taking bites out of the Sushi Gods personal stash. The tempura flakes on top added the perfect crunch to the black pepper tuna and avocado, not to mention the salmon on top of the roll was like icing on the cake. And the shrimp tempura cant be described by means of written word. Overall the presentation was really nice and the food was even better so i would recommend stopping by here if you ever find yourself in Miami.
devoured in: North Miami

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